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11 May: Self Care During COVID-19

Chances are COVID-19 has begun to feel a bit oppressive by now–if you, like many of us, are looking for help with how to cope with quarantine and caring for yourself and your family, we’ve put together the best tips from the Mayo Clinic, the IOCD, and more!

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29 Apr: What Is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

A hemorrhagic stroke is characterized by bleeding that interferes with the brain’s normal functions. In newborns, a hemorrhagic stroke can occur because of bleeding within the brain itself or between the baby’s brain and skull.

G-Tube for Newborn Illustration

03 Mar: G-Tubes for Newborns

A gastrostomy tube (also called a g-tube) is a medical device used to feed newborns who can’t feed through normal methods. G-tubes can be temporary or permanent and are often considered for long term care.