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11 May: Self Care During COVID-19

Chances are COVID-19 has begun to feel a bit oppressive by now–if you, like many of us, are looking for help with how to cope with quarantine and caring for yourself and your family, we’ve put together the best tips from the Mayo Clinic, the IOCD, and more!

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29 Apr: What Is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

A hemorrhagic stroke is characterized by bleeding that interferes with the brain’s normal functions. In newborns, a hemorrhagic stroke can occur because of bleeding within the brain itself or between the baby’s brain and skull.

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03 Mar: G-Tubes for Newborns

A gastrostomy tube (also called a g-tube) is a medical device used to feed newborns who can’t feed through normal methods. G-tubes can be temporary or permanent and are often considered for long term care.


05 Nov: What Are the Stages of HIE?

In this post, you will learn about the three stages of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, also known as HIE. If you are trying to understand HIE and what a diagnosis of a Stage I, Stage II, or Stage III HIE diagnosis means for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. This information has been curated from sourced for trusted government, medical, and non-profit sources. Read on to learn more about the three stages of HIE.
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28 Oct: When Should I Need a Birth Injury Lawyer?

In this post we will talk about when you should consider contacting a birth injury attorney. This information comes from birth injury attorneys who have years of experience mediating and trying birth injury cases, and contains answers to common questions that parents have about the process. If your child has suffered a birth injury such as Cerebral Palsy, HIE, Erb's Palsy, or other birth injuries due to a preventable medical error, then a birth injury attorney may be able to help. Read on to learn more.
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21 Oct: Oklahoma Birth Injury Attorneys

All parents wish the best for a new baby. We hope, we pray, we change and adapt our own lifestyles to best prepare for the baby, and we put our trust in the medical system to do the best they can. No one, from the family to the nurses and doctors and hospital staff wants to see any harm come to the baby. And yet, tragically, some babies are injured and some of those injuries were preventable. While a certain degree of error is merely human, all-too-often, birth injuries are caused by medical negligence or incompetence. If your baby was injured and you have questions, we can help you get answers.