Could This Teen Be Mahomes’ Good Luck Charm?

With the Chiefs down 10 late in the game, PJ calmly reached over and activated his flashing lanyard. He didn’t doubt the team for a moment.

Read more to learn about PJ’s incredible trip to the Super Bowl. 

PJ Meets Mahomes

After going viral for scoring an 80 touchdown, PJ Allred, a teen with Cerebral Palsy, made it all the way to the Super Bowl.

A huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and quarter back Patrick Mahomes, it was a dream come true when the team reached out to PJ and offered a trip to the Super Bowl for him and his family.

The trip promised to be one of a lifetime, but late in the game, the Chiefs and QB Mahomes found themselves down ten points. That’s when PJ reached over and turned on his flashing Chief’s lanyard, believing it would bring the team good luck.

Sure enough, Mahomes lead a huge comeback to win the game 31 – 20. Maybe the Chiefs should consider bringing PJ to more big games? One thing is for sure, PJ was an inspiration to Mahomes and to the entire KC Chiefs team leading up to Super Bowl LIV.

A constant source of inner strength and inspiration, PJ said that you just have to believe in yourself, saying “nothing can stop anyone from doing their dream.”

To see PJ’s whole trip, visit PJ’s Facebook page here.

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