Girl with Cerebral Palsy Receives the Surprise of a Lifetime

In a heart-warming story coming out of Florida, ABC 25 WPBF reports that Chariots of Love have surprised a girl with Cerebral Palsy with a new, powered wheel chair.

Read more to see her reaction and to learn more about this wonderful humanitarian non-profit.

chariots of love donate a wheel chair to a girl with cerebral palsy

Chariots of Love Surprise a Girl with Cerebral Palsy with a Powered WHeelchair

In West Palm Beach, ABC 25 WPBF news reports that non-profit organization Chariots of Love has donated a Quantum Edge 2.0 powered wheelchair to Fany, an 18 year old with Cerebral Palsy. The chair is worth an estimated $12,000 and will help improve the girl’s mobility and independence.

Fany’s Cerebral Palsy affects her lower legs and makes her unable to walk on her own power. Being unable to walk is a common affect of Cerebral Palsy. As many as 33% of people with CP are unable to or have difficulty walking.

ABC reports that this is the 103rd free wheelchair that Chariots of Love have gifted to families in need.

To read the full story and to watch Fany’s reaction, click here.

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