Heavy Metal: an Unexpected Sound Therapy for CP?

He goes by the nickname the “Heavy Metal Dad” and together with his son, Mason, the duo is pioneering a new kind of sound based therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy.

This story was submitted on May 6th, 2020 by user /u/d3333p7 on the popular website, Reddit.com.

Keep reading to hear Mason’s heartwarming and stereotype defying story!

Mason McDeid

Can Heavy Metal Sooth Cerebral Palsy Symptoms?

Richard McDeid from Minnesota is perhaps best known by his moniker, “Heavy Metal Dad.” For McDeid, heavy metal has always been an influential part of his life. However, an unlikely discovery has changed his life and his son’s life forever.

McDeid’s son, Mason, suffers from a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. Mason requires round the clock care and is incapable of performing every day tasks such as feeding himself and performing basic hygiene routines without assistance. As a single father, it falls on McDeid to make sure his son receives the care and attention he needs.

One afternoon, Mason was particularly struggling, his mind tormented by his condition and his body in pain. McDeid, feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the moment, turned to one of his sources of comfort: putting heavy metal music on the radio.

To his surprise and delight, Mason immediately stopped crying! As McDeid accidentally discovered, heavy metal music soothed Mason’s mind and allowed him to relax. As it turns out, heavy metal works for Mason as a form of sound based therapy.

Since then, the “Heavy Metal Dad,” along with his son Mason, have founded the world’s first special needs heavy metal festival. The community response among metal enthusiasts and special needs families alike has been overwhelmingly positive, the page accumulating over 8,000 likes and follows and many supportive comments.

“At first, I didn’t think anyone would come and play,” said McDeid. “But they showed up for my son.”

Since the discovery, McDeid and Mason have been to see many performances, and Mason has developed a great love of metal music–a bond that him and his father now share.

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