Mike Adams Shreds Black Diamonds

Mike Adams is pushing the edge of athleticism and occupational therapy as he shreds down black diamond ski slopes at Ski Santa Fe.
To learn more about how Adams has overcome his Cerebral Palsy, keep reading.
Mike Adams Skiing

Mike Adams: teenager, Eagle scout, black diamond skier. Oh, and he also has Cerebral Palsy–but for Adams, that’s more of an after thought.

Adams was born with Cerebral Palsy. Although more than 50% of children born with Cerebral Palsy will eventually learn to walk independently, in Adams’ case, the spasticity of the muscles in his legs prevent him from walking independently. In cases of Spastic Cerebral Palsy, the muscles are too rigid or tight. This condition can make it difficult to control or move one’s limbs.

But Adams isn’t one to be held back by CP. In videos he has edited and posted on youtube, you can watch him as he shreds black diamond slopes near his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Occupational therapy can be any number of activities that provide meaningful engagement with the world. For Adams, there’s no greater occupational therapy than the feeling of blasting down a steep snowy slope. In his own words, Adams says that while “I can’t walk, I can shred down a black diamond. So, I mean, it kind of makes up for that.”


Note: for more information on occupational therapy, head over to our section on treatment at CPGuide.org.


In addition to skiing, he also kayaks, camps, rock climbs, and rode a sitting bike 50 miles to earn a merit badge. In the classroom Adams is no slouch either–he’s presently a freshman at the University of New Mexico studying computer science and already has an internship lined up at Sandia National Laboratories.

To watch Adams in action on the slopes, head over to his YouTube channel.

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